2015 Click It or Ticket National Mobilization

2015 Click It or Ticket National Mobilization


2015 Click It or Ticket National Mobilization

We can’t do it without you,
law enforcement!


Click It or Ticket Enforcement Starts May 18th
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be conducting the 2015 national Click It or Ticket mobilization from May 18-31. As always, our law enforcement counterparts are an essential part of a successful campaign, so NHTSA has put together this Products for Enforcement Action Kit (PEAK) to help you lead effective, lifesaving efforts in your area. Use these campaign tools to get the word out—to your officers the public alike—that high-visibility seat belt enforcement is coming in May, during the day and also at night.

NHTSA research tells us that while passenger vehicle occupants are getting better about buckling up during the day, seat belt violations are still a major problem at night. The 2015 Click It or Ticket mobilization is tackling this issue head-on, encouraging focused enforcement efforts between the nighttime hours of 6 p.m. and 5:59 a.m. Your participation will help save lives around the clock, but especially at night when there are typically more violations and fatal crashes.

2015 PEAK Material Highlights

  • NHTSA Law Enforcement Dispatch — The Click It or Ticket national mobilization is only possible with the dedication of law enforcement officers. Use this dispatch message to remind your team members why we’re ramping up seat belt enforcement once again: to save lives.
  • Click It or Ticket Timeline and Mobilization Flyer — Share these important documents internally so your team is aware of key campaign dates and can strategize accordingly.
  • Earned Media — Use our prepared press releases, op-ed, proclamation, and fact sheet to get the word out to the public about Click It or Ticket — or use these documents as samples to create your own promotional and educational material.
  • Crime Crash Clock — See why the Click It or Ticket mobilization is a cause worthy of your organization’s time. This simple and powerful graphic compares the frequency and consequences of crimes and crashes.
  • STSI Instructions — Plan your mobilization efforts using the State Traffic Safety Information (STSI) Web site (www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/departments/nrd-30/ncsa/STSI/USA%20WEB%20REPORT.HTM). This Web site consists of State-specific profile data for 2008-2012, including tables, charts, graphs, and maps for the following:  motor vehicle crash fatalities (all crashes); motor vehicle crash fatalities involving alcohol-impaired drivers, large trucks or speeding; 5-year trend data for the top 10 counties by fatalities and fatality rates; as well as motorcyclist, pedestrians and pedalcyclist fatalities. 
  • NHTSA Reports — NHTSA uses hard data and years of research to shape enforcement and outreach efforts. Check out some of the statistics on occupant protection; you’ll be reminded why the Click It or Ticket mobilization is vital to highway safety.


Your Tools, Your Efforts, Your Highways
The Click It or Ticket law enforcement mobilization is a demonstrated, effective way to save lives across the United States, but it all starts with your leadership. Your local roads, your State highways, your team’s efforts. Something powerful happens when law enforcement nationwide join together to crack down on tough highway safety issues: we save lives. And those lives aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. They aren’t just statistics. They are someone’s mother, brother, child, grandparent. In this toolkit, you’ll find the resources you need to make your campaign a success. Use them as you plan for May 18-31. Let’s save some lives together.


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