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U.S. EPA SmartWay Partner

Sheehy Mail Contractors is proud to be a SmartWay Transport Partner Insert picture herewith the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its select group of transportation-related businesses.

Launched in 2004, SmartWay® is an EPA program that reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency. To qualify, selected motor carriers must first submit a company-wide profile of equipment and practices that bear impact on a trucking company's carbon footprint. These establish a baseline against which the company is encouraged to apply management practices and purchases that will continually improve the sustainability of the enterprise and reduce its impact on the environment. 

Among the items that are measured are the following:

  • overall fleet fuel mileage
  • empty/load miles ratio
  • fleet - age of equipment
  • percent gallons of biofuels used
  • average payload per vehicle mile
  • average capacity volume
  • percent capacity utilization
  • percent highway or rural driving
  • average urban speed distribution
  • diesel particulate matter (PM) reduction

The EPA provides an accounting system (the "Truck Fleet Tool") that accumulates all the data into a standardized report. This report - updated annually - not only sets the baseline SmartWay performance level for the company, but it standardizes the level of performance so the company can be measured in comparison with other similarly situated trucking firm/partners.

The EPA participation in the partnership includes serving as a comprehensive resource that provides valuable assistance in tracking and improving the company's SmartWay performance. Technical bulletins are prepared and circulated that cover all aspects of the improvement effort, including the teaching of enhanced driver skills,studies of comparative tire performance, the impact of increased/decreased lubricity of lubricants, idle reduction, and even test results on some of the new diesel hybrid technologies. In addition, the EPA sponsors numerous seminars and webinars throughout the year to share the latest information on SmartWay certified technologies and practices that can improve a fleet's efficiencies and thus reduce pollution. These seminars and meetings are also used to offer special commendation to those transportation fleets who realize substantial increase in their fleet efficiencies as measured by the EPA.

Participation in the EPA SmartWay Program is entirely voluntary, and it does involve a high degree of management and staff involvement to prepare the annual reports and to otherwise oversee the effort to improve efficiencies. Companies have shown since its inception, however, that the costs involved in participating in SmartWay are consistently far outpaced by the efficiencies that are gained and the reduction in costs provided. The EPA objective of cleaner air and water is, remarkably, simply a by-product of a program that offers companies best management practices that help improve their bottom line.

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