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LoadTrek Transportation Software

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With our unique LoadTrek Transportation Software capabilities Sheehy provides real-time monitoring of shipments and many other customizable services that can help you monitor and manage your shipments even after they have left your dock. From planning and organizing your freight movements to seeing they are delivered safe and on time, Sheehy is a valuable partner that can assist you in tackling any shipping issues that affect you and your customers or vendors.

Sheehy utilizes the full complement of LoadTrek Transportation Software throughout our many systems and business networks. Each of our trucks are equipped with onboard computers (OBCs) that continually transmit data to our operations center. This not only allows realtime communications with the driver, but our GPS interface and equipment datalinks keep us informed with up-to-the-minute reports of freight movements, ETA's, driver/equipment availabilities, and a host of other helpful details. We are kept abreast of any potential service disruptions long before they become critical emergencies. With LoadTrek, we limit and even eliminate many of the unwelcome surprises that can too often turn a minor problem into a major failure.

OBC and other relevant data from throughout our departments and networks are gathered into our redundant, safe,and secure computer server farms. LoadTrek software then accesses this data and assembles it into easy to use real-time monitoring programs for our operations staff and managers.This information is also made available to our shippers in accessible ways via the internet that make their jobs easier. We're pioneers in developing advanced Electronic Data Interface (EDI) capabilities with our shippers that provides unique opportunity for customers to closely monitor shipments, receive accurate ETA's, or make direct dispatch assignments for upcoming shipments. The possibilities are endless. "If it can be measured, it can be managed" is the maxim that drives our effort at making full use of our data management capabilities. LoadTrek allows us to easily cutomize our data management to meet the needs of virtually any customer from any sector of the transportation industry. We'd love to explore with you the ways we can make it all work for your freight shipping needs.

"If you can measure it, you can manage it!"

With Sheehy, you are provided all the information you need to effectively manage your transportation and logistics requirements.

We can help! It's what we do!

Please take a few minutes to explore the LoadTrek website to get a look at the many ways this tool can help manage your freight transportation requirements. We invite you to see the way our investment in the latest data technologies can be leveraged to assist you as our client a customer.

Sheehy Transportation Solutions is your single-source solution to all your transportation needs. Call us! Schedule a tour of our operations center in Waterloo, WI, where we will gladly show you how our data management capabilities help improve efficiency and reduce transportation headaches for the many customers we serve. Or arrange a meeting at your location and at your convenience. Our Transportation & Logistics consultants will be happy to meet with you and discuss ways in which our customized LoadTrek EDI services - matched with Sheehy Transportation Solutions and its many qualified business partners - can lift your freight transportation enterprise to new levels of efficiency and success.



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