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 Discover What It Means To Be Sheehy Green!


For sixty six years the Sheehy family has been committed to providing premier customer service in the transportation industry. Diligence, perseverance, and an attention to detail are what have contributed to helping us become one of the country's greenest motor carriers!

Our Innovative Fleet

At Sheehy, we operate one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly fleets in the U.S! Our fleet of 2013-2014 Freightliner Cascadia CNG tractors are ready to service your needs while keeping the air clean. More than 92% of our truck fleet operates solely on CNG fuel. We have been nationally recognized for our contributions in promoting and advocating clean trucking technology for all motor carriers.

Our Dedicated Drivers

Along with our innovative fleet of trucks, we are proud to employ the country's most passionate and dedicated team of drivers. The goal of our drivers is to ensure that your load always arrives on-time, and to provide our customers with a quality of service unparalleled in the transportation industry. Interested in becoming a driver? Visit our Employment Opportunities page and apply now!

Service Locations

We are proud to be able to provide service in more than a dozen locations around the U.S! Service locations include:

-Waterloo/Madison, WI

-Milwaukee, WI

-Green Bay, WI

-Chicago, IL

-Galesburg, IL

-Morton, IL

-Des Moines, IA

-Wichita, KS

-Omaha, NE

-Denver, CO

-Indianapolis, IN

-St. Louis, MO

-New Stanton/Pittsburgh, PA

What We Can Do

At Sheehy we strive to support the needs of every customer. Although we are primarily a contractor with the U.S Postal Service, we provide service for a variety of freight customers. Our primary scope of services include:

-U.S Postal Service Highway Contract Routes (HCRs)

-U.S Postal Service Star Routes

-Short-Haul Freight 


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