Driver Bonus Program FAQ

Driver Bonus Program FAQ

What is the purpose of the new Driver Bonus Program?

A: The new Driver Bonus Program is being implemented by Sheehy Mail to attract and retain the highest quality drivers in the industry who are dedicated to making Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc. the BEST in class carriers. Simply stated, the best drivers in the industry deserve to have outstanding compensation for their work.

When will the new Driver Bonus Program go into effect?

A: September 2nd, 2018

Will the new Driver Bonus Program affect only new drivers or all Sheehy Mail drivers moving forward?

A: The new Driver Bonus Program will affect all Sheehy Mail drivers with at least 30 days of service (full and part-time) beginning on September 2nd, 2018. *Note new drivers will become eligible in the first pay period after the first 30 days of service has been completed.

What are some of the new bonus incentives in the wage plan?

A: The following is an outline of all of the new bonus incentives that will be offered beginning on September 2nd, 2018:

Layover Bonus - 24 Hours

Drivers are eligible to receive a flat bonus payment for off-duty layovers of 10-24 hours in length that occur away from the driver's home location.

Layover Bonus - 48 Hours

If a layover extends beyond 24 hours without work drivers are eligible to receive an additional flat bonus payment for periods beyond the 24th hour up to the 48th hour for layovers that occur away from the driver's home location.

Layover Bonus - 48X Hours

Any layover that extends beyond the 48th hour without work is eligible to receive an additional bonus for each 24-hour period beyond the 48th hour that a driver is away from their home terminal.

Weekend Bonus

All on-duty hours that occur between 00:01 Saturday until 23:59 Sunday are eligible to receive the weekend bonus.

Hazmat Bonus

All on-duty hours that a driver operates tat are under hazardous material regulations are eligible for the hazmat bonus. The driver must also be fully qualified and endorsed to operate under hazardous material regulations.

Doubles Bonus

All duty hours that a driver operates equipment pulling multiple trailers and is qualified and endorsed to do so will be eligible for the doubles bonus. The driver must also be fully qualified and endorsed to pull multiple trailers.

Sleeper Team Bonus

Drivers who operate as a sleeper team will be eligible for the sleeper team bonus for all hours on duty and driving while operating in a team operation. Sleeping hours may be paid during these operations but are not covered by the bonus.

Specialty Bonus

Drivers who operate specialty services will be eligible for the specialty bonus. Specialty operations can be defined as salt forklift delivery operations. Driver must be qualified and possess any relevant endorsements and specialty training certificates.

Regional Bonus

Drivers will be eligible for a regional bonus based on the home terminal location of the driver. The bonus is only permitted for permanent full or part-time drivers in those locations and is not meant for transient drivers who happen to be on a layover or temporarily assigned to a non-home location.

Why is my co-worker getting paid a regional bonus and I am not?

A: Regional bonus payments are only allocated to drivers whose home terminal resides in a location that Sheehy Mail has deemed to have a higher than average cost of living, as well as a significant demand for drivers.

How will my bonus earnings be paid out?

A: Any earned bonus amounts will be paid out in full in your bi-weekly paycheck. The bonus payments will be reflected on your pay stub underneath the section with the heading "Bonus".

Are there an eligibility requirements in order to earn bonus payments?

A: Yes. Currently, there are two requirements that all Sheehy Mail drivers must meet in order to be eligible to receive bonus payments:

1) Be an employee of Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc. for a minimum of 30 days

2) Complete all assigned and dispatched routes on time

Are there any ways that I can be disqualified from earning bonus payments?

A: Yes. Currently, there are three ways that can disqualify a driver from earning a bonus payment:

1) Chargeable accident or incident (disqualified for two pay periods)

2) Short notice call-off within 24-hours of scheduled route (disqualified for one pay period)

3) Resignation without prior two weeks' advance notice (disqualified for final pay period)

Who will be tracking the hours I work that qualify for bonus payments?

A: Dispatch and Accounting will be working in tandem to monitor, track, and record drivers who are operating under bonus pay hours/conditions.

If I have an issue with bonus payments I received who should I reach out to?

A: Please contact Dispatch first with all inquiries related to received bonus payments. If the issue needs to be escalated Dispatch will notify Accounting to determine the error and correct it if need be.

How will holiday and vacation pay be impacted by the new wage program?

A: Holiday and vacation pay will continue to be paid as is according to current Sheehy Mail policy and the SCA Wage Determination.

What will bonus payments look like on my pay stub?

The following pay codes will be reflected on your pay stub and will correspond with the appropriate bonus payment:

  • BNSMKE - Milwaukee Regional Bonus
  • BNSCHI - Chicago Regional Bonus
  • BNSMLT - Milton/New Stanton Regional Bonus
  • BNSNSN - Bonus
  • BNSSTL - St. Louis Regional Bonus
  • BNSPRT - Portage Regional Bonus
  • BNSDMS - Des Moines Regional Bonus
  • BNSIND - Indianapolis Regional Bonus
  • BNSWND - Weekend Bonus
  • BNSSPC - Specialty Bonus
  • BNSHAZ - Hazmat Bonus
  • BNS24 - Layover Bonus 24 Hours
  • BNS48 - Layover Bonus 48 Hours
  • BNS+48 - Layover Bonus +48 Hours
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