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History of the Company

Old Sheehy Mail Truck

Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation that traces its roots to 1952. At that time, Gerald and Helen Sheehy began operating straight trucks on postal Star Routes in the LaCrosse Wisconsin area. Their business thrived throughout their long career until their retirement in 1986.

In 1968, Jim and Lucy Sheehy of Onalaska, WI branched out from his parents' business to secure their own Star Route contract and commenced transporting mail between La Crosse and Sparta. The Sheehys quickly established themselves as a diligent and reliable contractor to the U.S. Postal Service. As a result, new postal Star Route contracts were secured and the business soon demanded additional equipment beyond the single straight truck with which the Sheehys initiated their operation.

In 1975, the Sheehys were awarded their first Highway Mail Contract (HMC) to transport mail between Chicago and Portage. This marked a major change in the business enterprise, as this contract required the addition of a tractor-trailer to the modest fleet of trucks. Perhaps more importantly, this expansion placed the Sheehys in position to compete with major postal contractors for additional HMC's.

Premium Service; Professionalism

Having taken this initial step, the Sheehys quickly found that diligence, perseverance, and a concerted effort to provide excellent service placed them in good stead in this competition. Additional HMC's were secured, including a major contract (535GR) which is unique to the Postal Service. This irregular plantload contract was created mainly in recognition of the Sheehys' ability to quickly respond to the postal transportation needs of Wisconsin's numerous printing plants. Whereas the providing of premium service with a professional attitude was simply second nature to Jim, Lucy, and the drivers they had recruited, the awarding of HMC-535GR assured that these qualities would now serve as the fundamental foundation upon which this enterprise would grow.

In 1978, the Sheehys were awarded another HMC servicing mail movements between Waterloo, WI and Chicago. In the face of great prospects for continued steady growth, the business was incorporated as Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. and the operation was relocated from Onalaska to Waterloo, where it remains to this day.

Three Generations

As the third generation of Sheehys to manage and operate postal contracts, it is easy to say that John and Bob Sheehy were "born into the business." It is rare, however, that this is as close to being an accurate assessment as it is in the case of Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. From the early days of the business, the younger Sheehys assumed duties in support of the family enterprise. Trucks needed preventive maintenance? John and Bob donned coveralls and accomplished this after school. Likewise, whereas clean and presentable trucks have become a hallmark of Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc., it is a credit to the days when John and Bob were not only placed in charge of cleaning company equipment but established their own truck washing business to secure spending money during High School.

Through the years, John and Bob became involved in nearly all aspects of the business. From driving to mechanical repair, bookkeeping to dispatching, this third generation of Sheehys has taken a distinctive "hands on" approach to learning the family business.



Proven Excellence



For three generations, the Sheehys have been committed to excellence and professionalism in the creation of a truly remarkable trucking firm. Their success in this has been marked by the Postal Service in the awarding of two separate Eagle Spirit Awards "in recognition of excellence." Sheehy is proud to have received numerous awards and accolades from its many other customers, as well.

More importantly, Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. has established a firm reputation for class and professionalism among the public at large. The Waterloo office, shop facility, and equipment are each exemplary of the efficiency and neatness that attends all of Sheehys operations. This standard for excellence has been upheld in creation of a growing network of hubs and facilities in locations from Omaha and Des Moines to Milwaukee and Green Bay to Pennsylvania and many points in between. 

Above all else, however, the employees of Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. stand as testament to the great care with which the Sheehy family has cultivated their reputation for class and professionalism. From the beginning, every effort has been made to attract and retain only the finest professional drivers in the industry.

The degree of success in these efforts is documented. According to reports based upon information acquired during roadside inspections1, our drivers (and their equipment) consistently rank well above average in their safe operations and in their compliance with safety regulations. Additionally, these drivers continually exceed customer expectations in the service they provide.

As you will discover, Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. also applies the same selectivity in the hiring of support staff as necessary to address the needs of this growing enterprise. The office staff and management at Sheehy are dedicated to serving your needs as well as those of our customers.

Ultimately, Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. realizes that it is its employees who mostly preserve and promote the reputation for professionalism that has always been the hallmark of this company.

Professionalism from day one has begotten professionalism throughout the long history behind Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc.. This is the legacy that has been handed down through three generations of the Sheehy family, and it remains as a defining quality that marks all employees of Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. to this day.

Cooperatively, the management and employees of Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. proudly continue building toward the future, ensuring the successful growth of this truly remarkable enterprise.

1As compiled by the U.S. Dept of Transportation CSA/SMS.

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