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 Our Professional Staff

Upper Management

John Sheehy, CEO - Sheehy Enterprises

Bob Sheehy, President - Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc.

Jon Tilp, COO - Sheehy Enterprises/Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc.


Robert Kehoe - Operations Manager

Malonda Heinkel - Personnel Director

Jesse Frederick - Safety Director

Jonathan Sheehy - Maintenance Director

Dispatch Operations

Tina Stoddard - Senior Load Planner

Dan Schultz - Load Planner

Carly Falk - Load Planner

Kim Coolen - Load Planner

Heidi Anderson, Sue Buchan, Tara Pedersen, CJ Perry, Lindsay Johnson, Cory Upmann, Dawn Lehman, Nancy Ryan - Dispatchers

Accounting Department

Chris Chesemore - Accounting Specialist/Fuel Desk

Eveatt Smith - Accountant

Kaylor Wiedenbeck - Compliance Analyst

Callie Wollin - Benefits Specialist

Heather Williams - Quality Assurance & IT

Personnel Department

Denise Martin - Administrative Assistant

Safety Department

Kevin Rideout - Driver Trainer

Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations

Nick Myers - Communications & Brand Strategist


Richie Gobeli - Milwaukee, WI Shop Manager

Ryan Buss - Des Moines, IA Shop Manager

Kory Wilke - Waterloo, WI Shop Manager


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