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Welcome To Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc.

Since 1952, Sheehy Mail has been a premier contractor to the United States Postal Service. We are a national carrier that specializes in providing exceptional service to our customers. We offer a combination of innovative equipment, professional employees, and the latest in trucking technology to ensure the highest quality of service.

Our Mission

"Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc. is a preferred supplier of transportation solutions committed to operational and safety excellence with exceptional customer satisfaction. At Sheehy, we leverage out highly skilled and technology driven organization to deliver committed customer service, flexibility, and innovative solutions that will generate profitable and sustainable growth."

Our Drivers

At Sheehy, we are honored to employ some of the industry's most dedicated and passionate drivers. Once you become a driver for Sheehy Mail you are considered a part of the family. Interested in finding out what it means to be #SheehyProud? Apply today and join our growing team around the country!



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